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We all come from different backgrounds, have different experiences and also have different careers. "A Day In The Life Brunch" was created by a group of Friends to highlight the success of Young Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs. Our goal is to create good vibes and new ideas, while shaping the minds of our generation.


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Jonee Lewis - News Anchor/Reporter (Winston-Salem, Nc)

  “For millennials- brunch is about more than food. It’s an experience shared with close friends. There’s a common perception that this is mostly associated with a large city. However, “A Day in The Life Brunch” brought that culture to Winston-Salem. This event introduced us to a new locally owned black business and created a space for young professionals to enjoy good company, good music and good food. It was refreshing to experience this while getting to know new people and have meaningful discussions.” (Jonee is pictured on the right)

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Paige Torres - Clinical Social Worker (Atlanta, Ga)

Born and raised in Winston-Salem, we had to make our own positivity and fun because there was never anything to do and only trouble to get into. In my adulthood, I generally only travel back home to see family a few times a year. Yet, when my good friends told me about this new vibe around town that they were hand-curating, I had to come support. "A Day in The Life Brunch" was much more than catching a meal, it was a true experience. I got re-acquainted with old friends and even connected with new faces, bringing back so many positive memories of home. To sum it up, we are all pretty much living our best lives! We had the opportunity to share that genuinely good energy while 2-stepping’, full off of chicken and waffles, from a Black owned business (Patio 924). It doesn’t get any better than that.


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Chris Hooper - PSBD Podcast (Durham,NC)

   When you think of brunch you associate it with cities like Atlanta, DC, Houston, or LA. As a Winston-Salem native, we’ve never had an environment where we could be amongst our peers while enjoying good food, music, and dope energy; and if we did, it was short lived. The narrative about young adults of color in this city is that we’re associated with trouble; “A Day in the Life Brunch” painted a different picture. This was a setting in which vibes were real. Curators got a chance to network with other curators, friends got to catch up, and people were able to laugh and make memories.

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Kiera Roper -WFU Medicine NICU Specialist (Winston-Salem,NC)

“A day in the life brunch,” is helping to change Winston-Salem's reputation by creating an environment for people to come together in a positive way. The food was amazing, my favorite was the Chicken, and Waffles that went along with my Mimosas. I love how they used local Businesses to cater the event. Most importantly, I enjoyed the energy that was present. Lots of laughs, great music, and conversation. As a native, I’m excited to see events like this, take place. It certainly helps bring together the young professionals with in the city. “A day in the life brunch,” is a great example of how a small city can still do big things.

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Food By: Chef Chris Brown (Washington, DC)

Location: Patio 924 (Winston-Salem, NC)

Video/Photography: Briana Lawrence-Poised Productions